Art Affair

I will be showing this weekend (Oct 20 & 21) at the 20th annual Art Affair. I have several new works including images from my trip to Provence. One piece,”Secrets”, makes me think I am channeling my inner Wyeth as it is pretty monochromatic and has lots of drybrush texture.



Another image from Provence

I really enjoyed doing this one as it brought back the feeling of being in the old towns with their narrow streets. Getting the photo was a challenge as I wanted to have the entire body, including feet, in the shot. Since I had to stand still to shoot, I had to discreetly run up behind them and then stop….. Several times! I didn’t realize just how fast a person with a cane can move!

I didn’t need to change colors as they gave me a complementary color scheme with the blues and oranges.


Waiting for Vincent

I have finally finished this painting. As usual there are always a few minor tweaks but I’m done now. On to the next in a series of paintings from the trip to France


I found many “interesting” people including the ubiquitous “faceless children” that my students seem to prefer. The ones I paint myself will appear here.

New paintings

I am finally finished with several of the small works I started while in France. I don’t plan to ever work this small again! They took just as long as my usual quarter sheet and larger.

This is an archway leading into a courtyard at the “old Church” at the top of the hill in Bonnieux. The image is only 6×6 inches.

This is a borie in a field with lavender in the background. Bories are small structures used for storage of tools or shelter if needed.


This window is in Bonnieux above the Dolphin fountain.


This is part of the winery we visited. I was glad I had taken several photos of this scene as two trucks parked in front of the lavender just as I had gotten set up to paint!


This is obviously still unfinished. I have decided to use ink accents to define some of the edges a bit more. I think the finest point that Micron makes will be about right. I think the greens of the trees will set off the oranges of all those tiles!


I think my next paintings will be much larger!


The visit to Monet’s house and gardens was quite enjoyable. The house is situated beside a beautiful rose arbor and an exuberant garden beyond that.



This view from his bedroom could make anyone an early riser!


There is quite a variety of flowers planted in a profusion of colors, shapes and textures. I saw poppies and dahlias in colors and forms new to me.



There were many old favorites as well.



Of course, the water lilies were one of the main attractions. Water was diverted from the river to supply his pond. The plantings around it are just as lush as the other gardens. One of the bridges is visible beside the weeping willow.




I have so many images and memories I’ll never run out of subject matter. I will be posting at least once a week with new paintings. See you then!

Happy to be home

As much as I enjoyed the trip I am glad be back. I have started the huge task of editing my photos. I have nearly 2000 and there would be more if my camera battery hadn’t died on me a couple of times. I did take 2 cameras with me this time so I did have back up most of the time.


This is the rose window of Notre Dame from the Batobus


The infamous Pyramid at the Louvre. Apparently the French have a love/hate opinion of it. It is definitely a departure as far as style compared to the Louvre and most of Paris.



Rodin sculptures outside the Musee D’Orsay


The Eiffel Tower at night.
Tomorrow I will share some of the images from Monet’s Giverney.